We create a safe, fun, friendly, social atmosphere centered on giving back and volunteering to help women and children in need.

SAFFRON participants are encouraged to be unapologetic in the pursuit of diverse opportunities for self-expression, to break the cycle of hopelessness in underserved communities and bring the village back together.

SAFFRON distinguishes itself from other nonprofit organizations by involving and engaging socioeconomic, disadvantaged, underserved community participation with the premise that we all have something to give.

We invite both individual and community involvement for assistance with youth mentoring, financial gifts and donations of gently used clean clothing (including jackets, coats, shoes), toiletries, non-perishable food products, books (in good repair), back to school supplies and new unwrapped toys.

We collaborate with shelters in need throughout the community to appropriately and responsibly distribute all collected items to impact and enhance underserved women and children.