Saffron is an organization created out of the need to bring the village intrinsically back together. Our communities are not what they’re supposed to be. We are in peril, having regressed, we are no longer taking care of each other. We have become far too selfish and self-absorbed, as evidenced by, the large number of single mothers, fathers not taking care of their own, high divorce rates, and conserved elderly displaced in homes.

We have forgotten, that we have always been connected by the fabric of love for our families, our friends, our community, making up a village of people succinctly loving each other. We always say it takes a village, but we forget the village is US. SAFFRON believes, it will take the rebuilding of our village, thread by thread to prevent further dissemination of our families, and our youth.


SAFFRON is motivated to contribute to the rebuilding of our village by creating social opportunities for the community to come together and collaborate with other organizations and shelters to assist socially disadvantaged women and children in underserved environments.

Additionally, SAFFRON wants to encourage our interconnection through a global village of purposeful individuals. Individuals dedicated to eradicating the negative perceptions contributing to repression, and spiraling regression of our communities.

Let us collectively replace negativity with encouragement, and love. Let us restore hope through acts of kindness and purposeful giving. Purposeful giving no matter how big or small is a step in the right direction, and therefore feels good. SAFFRON wants to collectively show that ordinary people can make an effort to give to those less fortunate than themselves.

SAFFRON truly believes this can be done in a fun, safe environment with a joyful spirit while maintaining the dignity of others. We also believe that everyone has something to give “as no one is more generous than a person who has nothing to give, but shares whatever they have anyway”.