Who WE Are

“We are tied together in the single garment of destiny”,

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Let’s introduce you to our CEO/Founder and the village of people that help us motivate, inspire, and give back to the community.


Tracy Miller Bio

Tracy Miller is the founder and CEO of Simple Aid For Families Requiring Ordinary Needs, lovingly known as SAFFRON. Tracy is a Registered Nurse at one of the most prestigiously recognized organizations in the US. Tracy was born on the beautiful island of Barbados where she was raised by a supportive network of family, friends, neighbors and community.

Tracy speaks fondly of her place of birth, where as a child she always felt like she was a part of a community, a strong village made up of good people who cared about each other, and shared their joys and sorrows. People who emphatically supported, and uplifted each other, through generosity, kindness, and love.

Tracy created SAFFRON because she wanted to bring the village back together. Throughout her life she has always been there as a support for family, friends and patients along with their loved ones in her professional career. Subsequently, she wanted to create an organization that did just that for the underserved women and children.

When she’s not strategically planning operational responsibilities for SAFFRON. Tracy loves a good coffee, unraveling great mystery, and traveling the world.


Kayla Edinger Bio

Kayla Edinger, a Registered Nurse born and raised in California, was chosen as our Executive Director for her strong leadership qualifications and experience responding routinely to the needs of vulnerable populations. When she’s not managing daily operations for SAFFRON. Kayla, loves funny, sarcastic memes, listening or reading her books, swimming, snowboarding and camping.


Jennifer Nicol Bio

Jennifer spent her formative years helping and teaching children and her peers through Girl Scouts and Sea Scouts. Her time in both scouting programs led her to a career in the maritime industry after getting a bachelor's degree at the California Maritime Academy (CMA). While learning leadership and maritime skills at CMA, Jennifer was able to travel the world and experience other cultures and people. After spending several years in corporate America, she decided to return to school to become a nurse and help people in their time of need. She joins us in the role of Development Director helping to shape our education directives and development of resources. Besides helping people, Jennifer has a passion for photography, reading, baking, learning, and traveling to other countries.

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